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In my capacity of Executive Director and Director for Camp Kirk, a residential summer camp for children ages 6 to 13 with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders, I was thrilled to have had Master Al Smythe as our martial arts instructor for one summer. Master Al demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm in working with our campers. More importantly, he was able to grasp exactly with the concept of our camp's non-competitive philosophy and was able to adapt his program accordingly. This was a challenging, and certainly a learning situation for Master Al as he had never been in a camp environment prior to his Camp Kirk experience. He was tremendous on all levels and his contribution to the camp and to the kids was second to none. I have no reservations at all in recommending Master Al and/or his program to anyone involved with children professionally.
Henri Audet, Executive Director | Camp Kirk
I like your program and you should travel around the world and teach other people, but that's alot of work. I do not think that's its right to tell parents that you are harsh it's so that we will remember our safety rules.
Kira | Armitage Village P.S.
Just dropping a short e-mail to thank you for not only teaching us about Street Safety but also encouraging us to dream and reach our full potential!
From the Grade 4s | Armitage Village P.S.
The teachers and students at Armitage Village P.S. want to say a BIG THANK YOU for teaching us how to be SAFE. Your program was very informative and lots of fun. Your skill level was both an inspiration and a challenge to our students. Your catchy, yet sustainable instructions are now being used throughout our school.

Your program has become a reference point for many teachers and we continually encourage students to practice the four safety rules: focus your eyes, focus your ears, focus your mind and have good posture. This falls in line with our Tribes philosophy so it was easy for students to make the connection and put it into practice. Thanks so much for being part of our school community.
Ms. Morant, Teacher | Armitage Village P.S.
Master Smythe has brought his empowering life saving safety program to our school for almost a decade. His enthusiastic and unique teaching style has captivated and energized our students. They were highly motivated to learn the essential skills needed to keep themselves safe in a variety of challenging environments. The safety journals produced by each student were informative and skillfully done. Master Smythe's ability to relate and meet the needs of our diverse student population was most impressive.
Mervin Busby | Sir Alexander Mackenzie Sr. P.S.
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